Upgrade Options

Valid through December 31, 2017.

Standard Upgrade

Upgrade Falcon Receiver MSRP  Customer Upgrade MSRP
F5 to Falcon F51 $14,775 $8,595
F2 to Falcon F51 $14,775 $9,475
F5 to Falcon F2 $9,475 $4,895
F2 to Falcon F2 $9,475 $5,195
Falcon F2 to Falcon F51 $14,775 $8,860


FF5 Option includes upgrades for Rebar capability1
Upgraded receivers in this section come with a 1 year warranty.
To enable Falcon F5 iGPS compatibility, add $250.


Additional Falcon Upgrade Options

Upgrade Customer Upgrade MSRP
FF5 to FF5 w/iGPS $950
FF5 to FF5 Rebar $1,750
FF5 to FF5 w/iGPS & Rebar $2,450
Falcon F1 to Falcon F2 $2,950

Upgraded receivers in this section come with a 90-day warranty.


Customers must send their classic F2, classic F5, Falcon F1 or Falcon F2 under an RMA request to DCI.
Falcon upgrade prices do not include Falcon compatible transmitters or iGPS module.