Falcon F5 Combats Passive Interference

Germany - August 11, 2017

H&E Bohrtechnik GmbH is an HDD construction company in Northern Germany and has years of experience in pipeline construction and installation.

The crews were concerned primarily with consistent and accurate locating of the drill head throughout the project. This project required installation of underground power lines to service four wind turbines. Although the bores were not deep (13 ft), sheet pilings in the harbor area, heavily reinforced concrete, power stations, cooling and ventilations systems, a 3-ft thick layer of iron slag along with various runs of underground utilities presented a mix of challenges that could not be overcome by alternative locating systems. To up the ante, one of the bores was engineered for a compound curve.

A mix of active and passive interference were major impediments in each of the four installations. H&E Bohrtechnik contacted DCI Germany to help solve the interference problems and get the projects done. A Falcon F5 was deployed on the jobsite with band selection settings at 16 kHz to address active interference (data) and 0.3 kHz for the passive interference (depth accuracy).

Using the Falcon F5 wideband system, the H&E Bohrtechnik crew was able to meet each challenge the project threw at them. More importantly, the crew completed the project and avoided further delays. The crew members were surprised at the flexibility and performance of the Falcon technology and subsequently, H&E Bohrtechnik invested in Falcon systems for future projects.

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