Miller Pipeline

United States

Founded in 1953, Miller Pipeline has grown to provide a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for natural gas, liquids, water and wastewater pipelines. The company has been a leader in building and maintaining America’s underground infrastructure for over sixty years. Miller has in-depth knowledge of pipeline repair, replacement and installation techniques and utilizes highly trained employees in over 20 states across the U.S.

Job site efficiency and crew uptime are the primary business challenges for the company. Because of the work with various utilities, who are under state and local regulation, it’s important for Miller Pipeline crews to adhere to specifications and timelines for each job. Miller has used DCI DigiTrak SE locating systems for years but is now moving to the Falcon F5 for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the use of Falcon F5 and LWD Mobile to cut down on the time it takes to deliver bore profiles to its customers. “We like the real-time capabilities of the Falcon F5 and LWD Mobile” explains John Gregor, Horizontal Directional Drilling Manager.

“My personal goal is to have happy clients. DCI supports me in this goal with its products and their capabilities.”

– John Gregor, HDD Manager

The ability to take a real-time snap shot of the bore and send a bore profile through DigiTrak DataLog Management cloud service (DDM) solves two problems. First and foremost, the home office can access the bore profile from a remote location and check on adherence to specification within minutes. Second, bore profiles are attached for each job which provide a detailed report for the utility. In addition, for those utility companies that require it, Miller crews are taking GPS readings every 15 feet and uploading a zipped KMZ file for viewing on Google maps. The alternative would be to walk the bore separately with a different device. This additional step would delay getting the project “wrapped up” and delivered to the client.

Falcon F5 and LWD Mobile are helping Miller Pipeline create a closer working relationship with its clients by eliminating old methods like paper-based records to capture and record bore information and as-built data. Gregor stated, “My personal goal is to have happy clients. DCI supports me in this goal with their products and capabilities”.

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