Falcon F5

Tackle Anything the Job Site Throws at You


Overcome all types of interference

Our flagship Falcon F5 system includes advanced features like DataLog®, iGPS™, fluid pressure monitoring, and dual frequency bands. Falcon F5 tackles the biggest obstacles to completing your underground drilling projects: passive and active interference. Maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including:

  • Traffic Loops
  • Overhead Power
  • Under Concrete with Rebar
  • Unseen Interference Sources

Get the most bang for your buck. 

Active Interference Analysis

Frequency Optimization (125 ft depth/150 ft data range)

Sub-k™ rebar capability

A Breeze to Use

Easy operation for both pros and first-time users

  • Ball-in-the-Box™ guidance technology you already know
  • Up and running fast with easy toggle-based menu navigation
  • Quickly find optimum frequencies for today’s job site
  • Get Support 24/7

Falcon Technology maintains up-time at the job site

DigiTrak Falcon Scanning

DigiTrak Falcon Optimization

DigiTrak Falcon Pairing


As-Built Made Easy

Meet client needs for documenting the bore. Take a depth reading and record data with a single click of the trigger. With drill data uploaded to the cloud using LWD Mobile, a supervisor can view the pilot bore before the drill head is off.

Log While Drilling (LWD)

Integrated iGPS (optional)

DigiTrak DataLog Management (DDM)


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DigiTrak Falcon™ F5® System Pricing


Choose the right transmitter for your job and system.

Remote Displays

Get state-of-the-art telemetry technology.