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Talking Shop with Ventura Directional Drilling - Part 2

Meet Mike - Mike is a locator/operator with Ventura Directional Drilling. Today he tells us about his six-year career in HDD, his commitment to being prepared for every job, and how much he LOVES his DigiTrak Falcon HDD locating system.

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Introducing AP Equipment Financing

We are proud to announce that AP Equipment Financing is the official financing partner for Digital Control Inc. & DigiTrak HDD Locating Systems.

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Multi-Power Transmitter FAQs

Our HDD Locating experts answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our all-new Multi-Power Transmitters.

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TeraTrak R1 Terrain Mapping Overview

DCI Training Specialist Allie Jadwin makes her training video debut! Watch as she goes over the three terrain mapping methods available in the TeraTrak R1 App.

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Text us Today!

Our legendary Customer Support team is available 24/7-365 to assist you with any HDD locating needs you may have. We are proud to announce the launch of TEXT SUPPORT.

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