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DCI is an innovative company comprised of smart, committed and fun people who are dedicated to making our customers more efficient and profitable.


The DCI Story

DCI was founded by longtime friends, colleagues, aeronautical engineers, and avid pilots John Mercer and Peter Hambling in 1990. The result was the most technologically advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) locating and tracking system in the market, backed by extraordinary customer service. HDD technologies are used to install underground utilities, such as fiber optics, power, and water with minimal environmental impact.

We revolutionized the HDD industry with the introduction of the DigiTrak locating system in 1991. The unique features of the system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drill head than prior systems by providing two additional vital orientation parameters: pitch and roll. By knowing the pitch and roll of the drill head the drill operators could advance the drill much faster and pull back the product easier so the drilling operation became more accurate and productive.

Our Work Philosophy

Providing an open, supportive, collaborative, and fun work place is the cornerstone of John and Peter’s philosophy. Our headquarters has no offices or cubicles. We use large live plants to separate the different areas which adds to the ambiance, gives us energy, and fuels our creativity. The environment encourages everyone to pitch in with whatever needs to get done and promotes easy communication.

“DCI is better than I ever imagined. The people are dedicated, intelligent and enjoy their work without forgetting how to have fun”

Dick - Mechanical Engineering

“Creative freedom is the best part of working in DCI Engineering. We really do trust our engineers and developers to flex their creative muscles and give them the opportunity to build things the way they want to. It’s one of the most compelling reasons that has kept me at DCI and has allowed DCI to recruit and retain world-class talent. Every developer and engineer genuinely loves the work they do—and we try keep the bureaucracy to a minimum!”

Chris - Software Engineering

“I’ve been at DCI almost 15 years. DCI is a progressive company always striving to improve its current products and develop new methods to move our industry forward. People care about each other and more importantly, the owners care about their employees. They generously share and celebrate the rewards tied to the company’s achievements and successes.”

Rhonda - Accounting/Billing/Shipping

“DCI is an innovative construction technology company which is fast-paced and very people-friendly. We have great benefits, quarterly bonuses, snacks, free monthly lunches, and extravagant parties!”

Francine - Manufacturing

“I started in the Shipping Department, moved over to Billing Administration, and am now the Billing Department Supervisor and Data Analyst. DCI’s product is the best in the industry. Our customer service is something that no one else can measure up to making DCI an all-around, one-of-a-kind company.”

Richard - Customer Billing

“Most companies claim to be a leading company, we actually are one! We have some of the smartest and most dedicated people around developing, building, and servicing products for a unique industry. Most of the innovation in our space comes from us and we get to work on things that very visibly move the industry forward. As part of the DCI team you have multiple opportunities to look at improvements in underground infrastructure and say, 'I worked on that'”

Siggi - Product Management

“DCI is a family. My co-workers and our dedicated distributors and users are my digi-brothers and sisters. DCI is the kind of company that will let you grow. I started as an assembler and moved through several roles while I got a Physics degree and a Master’s in Project Management. Now I am applying my combined experience and expanding my skill set into the Product Management discipline. After nearly 20 years, I still wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. ”

Amanda - Product Management

“I’m proud that I just accomplished 20 years at DCI. DCI is an innovator: a leading technology company that also has a great work environment. We have something very special here!”

Ray - Customer Service

“I love talking about DCI and I find happiness in my work. We have the freedom to think, to progress, to accomplish. We also have the freedom to err and try again. We care about employees and their family members. We have fun activities and prizes encouraging healthy lifestyles. For a company our size, we have the best health insurance and other benefits. Find out for yourself! At DCI, you will also find a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, a Husky, a Beagle, an Italian Greyhound, a Corgi, and a few that don’t even look like dogs!”

Huy - Manufacturing Engineering

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