DigiTrak Datalog® Management

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Bore data at your fingertips

The ability to visualize your logged pilot bore data in the field or at the office is key to maintaining project efficiency. A DigiTrak Datalog Management (DDM) subscription provides you with a cloud-based solution that helps you maintain control of your important project data and facilitates centralized storage and secure access.

Simplify bore data management

DigiTrak Cloud Manager allows your team a single point of access for reviewing or editing pilot bore data logs. Perform basic edits or download the bore to LWD software for more advanced edits or annotations.


View your bore data immediately

LWD Mobile allows crew members to view Falcon F5 pilot bore data at the job site and upload partial or complete bore data to Cloud Manager for remote viewing. Use your mobile phone’s GPS or mapping capability to mark entry and exit points or use DigiTrak iGPS for complete mapping.


Create professional bore logs in minutes

LWD converts raw bore data into professional as-built documentation. Download data from Cloud Manager to LWD software to edit rod-by-rod data, insert annotations, and create a visual representation of your bore for presentation to your clients.


Elevate your DigiTrak experience

MyDigiTrak is the hub for registering your DigiTrak equipment, managing your DDM subscriptions and downloading Cloud Manager and LWD software. Sign up for DDM cloud services and begin managing your underground data and as-built documentation more securely and efficiently.

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