Remote Displays

The rugged DigiTrak® Aurora® display, the HDD industry’s first color touchscreen, is compatible with all current DCI locating systems and ships pre-loaded with custom applications. Get basic locating support with the Falcon Compact Display (FCD).


Display Details 8.4" Touchscreen
Telemetry Range 1800 ft (550 m)
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Display Details 10.4" touchscreen
Telemetry Range 1800 ft (550 m)
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Aurora Preloaded Apps

The Aurora comes ready to work with a core suite of apps. Additional apps and system updates are available over Wi-Fi.

LWD Live

Target Steering

Strip Chart

Frequency Change


Falcon Compact Display

The FCD is a rugged, entry-level display. A good choice for pit launchers and mini drills, its range also allows for longer shots.

  • Power Source: Li-ion or NiMH battery pack
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Telemetry Range: 1000 ft (305m)
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Aurora - The Future of HDD

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Aurora Durability Testing

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Displays and Accessories

Aurora Freestanding 10.4" Remote Display + Accessories


Aurora Freestanding 8.4" Remote Display + Accessories


Falcon Compact Display


Aurora DC Power Cord


Aurora Battery Power Adaptor


Aurora Long Whip Antenna


Aurora Inline Filter for use with Long Whip & Yagi Antenna


Aurora 13" TNC Telemetry Antenna


Aurora 13" Filtered TNC Telemetry Antenna


Aurora AF10 Carry Case


Aurora AF8 Carry Case


Aurora AP8 Retro Fit Kit


AF10 Mobile Docking Station


AF10 Drill Docking Station w/ 2.25" RAM Mount


FCD Long Whip Antenna


FCD Inline Filter for use with Long Whip & Yagi Antenna


FCD 13" BNC Telemetry Antenna


FCD 13" Filtered BNC Telemetry Antenna


System Carry Case for Falcon receiver, FCD, and accessories


System Carry Case for Falcon receiver, AF8, and accessories


Falcon Receivers

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