DigiTrak Log While Drilling


Document and analyze your data

DigiTrak LWD is a PC-based software that gets bore data from your Falcon F5 receiver. It lets you visualize your bore profile and see detailed data collected for each rod. You can quickly make any data edits or addition of crossed utilities that you need. Other annotations, such as roads or rivers, make the report more accurate. A PDF file of the the bore profile and other job data is easy to export to your client.

Professional HDD Documentation

The primary benefit of using LWD is the electronic documentation of your bore data.  Data that used to be captured in log books is now in a format that allows for editing, annotating, and sharing of your bore data. This adds efficiency when dealing with data coming daily from the field. You also have data from all your prior bores that can be used for more accurate bidding or business analysis. As requirements for electronic bore data increase, LWD streamlines all of your associated workflows.


Integrated iGPS module

The DigiTrak iGPS module is a fully integrated removable GNSS receiver that attaches to GPS enabled Falcon F5 receivers. Simply attach it and it’s ready to go. When using the LWD function, GNSS data is automatically added to every logged depth reading. The Falcon F5 supports white lining on the jobsite for your proposed bore path, existing utilities to drill site setup, and more. The GNSS data can be exported as a KML file for viewing in Google Earth (or Google maps). Standard Falcon receivers can be upgraded to use the iGPS module.

Download the iGPS spec sheet to get the details.

Download Spec Sheet

DataLog Management

A seamless cloud-based solution for your drill data

Remote Displays

Get state-of-the-art telemetry technology.