Easily Document Your Bore Path

DigiTrak LWD is a PC-based software application that accepts bore data from your Falcon F5 receiver.

  • Visualize your bore profile and see detailed data collected for each rod
  • Easily edit profile data or add any crossed utilities
  • Complete your profile with added roads, rivers and other annotations
  • Create professional documentation for presentation to your clients
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Business Benefits

In today’s market, documentation of the bore path is a necessary part of completing a job to save time and increase accuracy.

  • Data is captured electronically, not manually using log books
  • Maintain complete historical records to analyze job efficiency
  • Utilize records to prepare more accurate bids
  • Easy document creation decreases invoice preparation time

LWD streamlines your associated workflows.


Integrated iGPS module

The DigiTrak iGPS module is a fully integrated sub 1-meter GNSS receiver. The iGPS module attaches to the Falcon F5 receiver and automatically records map location with every depth reading. The GNSS data can be exported as a KML file and viewed on Google Earth allowing you to create an overlay of all your jobs. Standard Falcon F5 receivers can be upgraded for iGPS compatibility.

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DataLog Management

A seamless cloud-based solution for your bore data

Remote Displays

Get state-of-the-art telemetry technology.