Falcon+ Receivers

DigiTrak Power - Falcon Precision - Plus Performance

The new DigiTrak Falcon Plus line of HDD locating systems provide a worry free, easy to use and versatile solution that you can rely on to get the job done without interruption.

DigiTrak Falcon F5+

Wideband Range 4.5 – 45 kHz
Sub KiloHertz Range 0.33 – 0.75 kHz
Depth Range 180 ft
Data range 220 ft
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DigiTrak Falcon F2+

Wideband Range 4.5 – 45 kHz
Depth Range 160 ft
Data Range 200 ft
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DigiTrak Falcon F1®

Single-band Range 9 – 13 kHz
Depth Range 100 ft
Data Range 125 ft
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Falcon Technology

Hundreds of frequencies. Easy to use.

Legacy & Classic Receivers

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