TeraTrak R1

The Wheel, Reinvented


A New Dimension in Bore Planning

A major challenge of today's bore plans is that they often become irrelevant a few rods in.

The TeraTrak™ R1 generates continuous job site topography and gives you the vital data to create and update your bore plan on-the-fly, so it never becomes obsolete.

  • Visualize underground hazards
  • Target waypoints to drill with more confidence
  • Rugged, reliable and waterproof hardware

Does the Math for you

Fewer Re-drills; No Bent Rods

Faster Bores and Cost Saving


Features at a Glance

Real-time terrain mapping allows you to easily create a continuous topography marked with utilities and waypoints.

  • Measure and map precise elevations and distances along your drill path
  • Use in areas where GPS doesn't work

TeraTrak™ R1 helps you solve bore plan problems on-the-fly.

  • Determine rig placement with a rod-by-rod entry plan
  • Create point-to-point bore plans as you go
  • Export TeraTrak data for use in bore planners

Designed to Integrate with the DCI Product Suite

High Accuracy (± 2in over 500ft)

Visualize Your Job Site

As you walk along the projected bore path, the R1 builds a terrain map in real-time. You can add utilities, waypoints, pins and notes to share with your crew or customers.

Show Precise Elevation Changes Along your Bore


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